How Do You Feel About Money?

EmotionAdvisor helps you uncover your true feelings about finance.

Discover Yourself In 3 Simple Steps


Watch a video on several financial themes that matter most to you


Your facial reactions and emotions will be measured by artificial intelligence


Receive your personalized report so you can better discuss how you felt


Are you curious to learn how you really feel about your money?

With EmotionAdvisor, you can uncover your subconscious reactions and understand how you really feel about money. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about yourself and your priorities, and watch a short video. We'll then create your personalized report, which you can either keep to yourself, or share with your advisor.

Why take the scan?

Get To The Truth

Money is a complicated and an emotional subject that can be difficult to navigate. With EmotionAdvisor, you can uncover your subconscious attitudes towards money.

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Make Smarter Decisions

With in-depth assessments of your financial priorities, you can make sure that your assets are managed and prioritized according to what's most important to you.

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Create Better Relationships

Money can lead to disagreements. With our personalized report, you and your partner can align and have a real conversation about what you both value.

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